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Bathroom Renovation


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for Hotel Businesses


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Renovate your bathroom today. Complete solutions.


Tubes, sanitary ware, bathroom tiles, bathroom furniture. They no longer have to worry about you.

We suggest the best and most quality solutions we have already installed in dozens of bathroom renovations.

We can provide the bathroom products you need or recommend you our partners, or advise you on the purchase from any store you choose, at no extra cost.

New modern renovated bathroom


The dismantling of old tiles and sanitary ware, the replacement of pipes, the installation of new sanitary ware, and the installation of bathroom tiles are some of the tasks we carry out during each renovation.

If you wish, we can suggest a different plan for your bathroom, redesigning & remodeling it so you can make the most of your bathroom space.

Remove old tiles
Bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles

One of the most important steps in bathroom renovation is the installation of tiles.

In every project assigned, we use the best materials, in order to ensure quality, aesthetics and functionality of your new bathroom without any future problems.



The installation of new pipes is part of each renovation assigned. In this way we ensure the smooth operation of the new sanitary ware, easy access in case of any damage, but also the security you need whether you are staying in a detached house or an apartment building.

All our services are backed by a quality work guarantee.

State-of-the-art Machinery

State-of-the-art Machinery

The equipment we use is constantly updated. Good knowledge and use of modern tools and methods ensures the efficiency of the work and of course reduces the working time and consequently the cost.

Our specialty in plumbing is the guarantee of excellent work combined with a reasonable price. Knowledge of materials and constant friction with the market ensures unique quality even in the simplest applications.

Sanitary Ware

Sanitary Ware

Sanitary ware is an important element in creating a bathroom and must meet the highest demands.

In every renovation, we use the best materials, in order to ensure quality, aesthetics, and functionality without any future problems in your new bathroom.

4 steps to complete your renovation

remove all tiles

1. Dismantling & preparation

On the first day of work we remove everything from your old bathroom. We remove sanitary ware, remove all tiles and old pipes, and prepare the space for the installation of new pipes in accordance with the plan we have agreed.

We make sure the space is properly prepared for the installation of the new pipes that will follow. Our experience in bathroom renovations helps us get things done quickly and qualitatively.

Piping installation

2. Piping installation

During the next phase of the work we will install the new pipes, after checking the existing impasses for proper operation and in order to avoid future problems. All new bath tubs, washbasins, basin, washing machine and any built-in batteries, bins are installed.

We check the integrity of the fixtures and ensure future easy access to them if needed. Upon completion of the second phase, we make sure the space is ready to accept the tiles & sanitary ware that we will install next.

New modern renovated bathroom

3. Sanitary Ware Placement

In the third phase of work we are installing new sanitary ware and tiles. We check all pipe connections to make sure they are working properly and then proceed with the installation of tiles.

At this point we should mention that all the materials we use for the installation are certified and have guaranteed effectiveness. When the work is completed, we ensure that everything works correctly and accurately.

New modern renovated bathroom

4. Final inspection

During the fourth and final phase, we perform all the necessary checks to ensure that your space is fully operational.

All the appliances to be used in your new bathroom are installed and all systems of the new installation are re-tested. As long as we make sure that everything works properly and meets your expectations, we complete the cleaning and deliver your new bathroom ensuring that everything runs smooth.

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