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Since 1973 we are offering our customers reliable & complete solutions & services. Our expertise is on swimming pools, heating & all sort of plumbing.

Wide range of products

For 47 years, the Art Water team has developed strong partnerships, and strongly expanded its network of partners. At our retail shop, we provide our customers with a wide range of plumbing systems, tiles, accessories for bathroom, and all sort of specialized equipment for heating or swimming pools.

Water, a source of life, we are the experts

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Art Water’s team offers a wide range of services related to swimming pools, plumbing and heating. The services provided cover all type of buildings, such as residences, businesses, professional buildings, public services buildings.

Our services include bathroom design, redesign or remodel, repair and maintenance or even a complete refurbishment of plumbing systems, if required. Additionally, we undertake the decoration of your new bathroom.

We have a long experience in designing and constructing any type of swimming pool. Thus, we can provide our clients with reliable services and modern solutions and designs.

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