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Modern outdoor pool

Swimming pools are the most popular service field of Art Water, especially in the Peloponnese market.

With expertise & know-how, we offer a wide range of services. Starting with the study of space, then comes the design, the construction and finally the fitting. Our services extend to both the cleaning and maintenance of your pool as well as its possible upgrade to meet your expectations.

We work with the best known suppliers in the field of pools in Greece and we are able to provide our customers with excellent quality & warranty, both in products and services.

From our carefully selected network of partners, we supply a variety of water purification and maintenance products, such as completely safe and tested chemicals, as well as specialized pool cleaning and maintenance mechanisms. In addition, our network includes companies specializing in the supply of pool equipment, filters, pumps and various specialized machinery and equipment.

We undertake the construction & completion of swimming pool projects for clients from the wider area of the Peloponnese, such as Kalamata, Methoni, Koroni, Finikounda, Nafplio, Trifylia, Filiatra, Marathopoli, and throughout Greece.

Whether you want a pool in your business place or at home, Art Water is the right company to help you get it done.


Since 1973 we have been offering our customers complete pool solutions & services, guaranteed and with quality.

Our highly trained and experienced staff can cover all areas related to swimming pools. From the design and decoration, to the construction and maintenance of your pool, the services provided are of the highest quality and guarantee. Either you want a special ‘L’ shape, square, polygonal, diamond shape, curve or angular shape, predetermined or individual shape, overflow or skimmer, infinity, the choice is yours.

If you would like more information about our services, please feel free to contact us. It is our pleasure to help you get the pool you dream of. The staff of the company is always at your disposal.

Explore our work.

Modern indoor pool by Art Water

Engine room

The engine room is a key element of the swimming pool. That is why it requires study to choose the right engine room to suit your needs.

The choices vary, ranging from conventional engine rooms which is the more traditional and timeless construction, and also the suited installation in case of professional pools.

Then another option is the compact cabin engine, which is a more economical solution than the conventional one. However, it has a limit on the cubic meters of pool that it can serve.

Finally, there is the compact portable engine room, which replaces the conventional engine room and is the most economical solution for mechanical water purification and filtration equipment. Compact, heating system, hydromassage system, and salt electrolysis system can be installed inside.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us to help you choose the right pool engine.

Engine room by Art Water

Cleaning & Maintenance

Integrated care, technical inspection, disinfection and proper maintenance of the pool are of paramount importance for its proper and safe operation. Your pool, whether housed or not, whether it is small or large, needs cleaning and maintenance. It is obvious that a non-roofed pool is much more exposed than a roofed one and requires more attention.

Art Water’s highly trained and experienced staff provides technical inspection, electromechanical repair and pool cleaning services.

Also covered are all areas related to your pool, such as tiles, water chemicals, filters and water purifiers, providing you with comprehensive pool maintenance solutions. We also have a complete range of spare parts to address electromechanical problems and ensure the proper operation of your pool.

Our services include the following:

  • Scheduled maintenance visits
  • Check the whole installation
  • Water quality control & chemical supply
  • Electromechanical equipment inspection
  • Pool care and wiping
  • Consultant services
  • Water quality control
  • Supply and installation of new products
  • Checking, chemicals, repairs

The products we use are ISO approved and certified. They are effective in preventing and combating the microorganisms that can grow in your pool and guarantee a high level of safety for the user as long as they are applied in accordance with the instructions on the packaging. Proper pool maintenance is a matter of hygiene and should never be neglected.

Cleaning pool by Art Water

Redesign & Renovation

With our long experience and know-how we offer our clients the opportunity to renovate or redesign their pools, either existing ones or pools at any stage of construction.

Unfinished, outdated, malfunctioning or energy-efficient pools can be redesigned and remodeled by Art Water. Energy saving, ergonomics and aesthetics are the principles we always follow in our projects.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us. It is our pleasure to help you get the pool you dream of. The staff of the company is always at your disposal.

Modern infinity pool by Art Water

Pool Equipment

Through its partnerships with international companies, Art Water can provide you with the finest pool equipment. The quality is guaranteed as always our principle is to protect the final consumer. Below you can see a sample of the products our company sells.

Pool equipment by Art Water


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  • Aqua centre
  • Acqua Source
  • Fluidra Hellas
  • Κοτσοβός
  • Κανελλάκης
  • Hydronomi
  • Gloria
  • Αφοι Μαντουρέκα
  • Κορδάλης
  • Γιαννόπουλος – Αγγελόπουλος
  • Huida
  • Spek Μεταλλοπλαστική
  • Κουρής
  • Thermostahl
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  • Elton

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