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Swimming Pools


Whether you choose a skimmer-filled concrete pool, an overflow pool, or even a prefabricated pool, Art Water’s dedicated staff guarantees excellent quality and professionalism, exceeding your expectations.

Prefabricated swimming pools outperform the public due to their easy installation and therefore lower cost. Reduced concrete consumption is a key factor in reducing costs. Prefabricated pools have as their basic components metal panels and liner pvc. The variety of designs and colors allows us to offer you what you imagine and what suits you.

Skimmer concrete pools are simpler to construct than overflow ones. One of their advantages is that there is no need to build an overflow tank and an overflow channel. This results in lower overall construction costs, depending on the perimeter investments to be selected. The disadvantage of a skimmer pool is that it is recommended that the surface not exceed 60 square meters.

On the other hand, pools with a perimeter overflow channel or a side cascade channel are aesthetically the best option, as perimeter overflow shows the pool larger in size than the skimmer pool. Their advantage is the direct surface cleaning of genders, flies etc. due to the perimeter overflow channel. There is of course the choice of side overflow cascade which is even more beautiful for pools that are by the sea or have a clear horizon. If we have the right conditions, the aesthetic effect is unprecedented, so you will often hear the term “infinity” because of the impression that the endless water of the pool with the sea continues. The cost of building such pools is higher.

All pools can be coated internally with various materials such as natural pebbles, pressed cement, glazing, liner pvc 1.5, epoxy paints or tiles.

Check out some of our projects below and come up with a discussion on how to make your dream pool a reality.

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